Tararua Land Surveyors are subdivision specialists, guiding our clients through the tricky world of land subdivision.

From small residential projects to largescale commercial or industrial sections, our team of experienced planners and surveyors can help with your subdivision design and construction plans. Operating in Wellington, Lower Hutt, Upper Hutt and Porirua, Levin and Kapiti Coast,  Tararua Land Surveyors take the stress out of subdividing.


First Things First – Assessment and Consents

We begin by assessing your section to determine if subdividing your land is possible, giving you an honest estimate of cost and length of time involved, before creating a comprehensive subdivision design scheme plan. When it comes to resource consents, having a team experienced in surveying, planning and engineering is invaluable. We know how to wade through the red tape inherent in the consenting process and communicate clearly with local councils.

Let the Subdivision Process Begin

Once consents are granted, subdivision can commence. On your behalf, we will find the best construction company to undertake site construction for the lowest price. Any necessary earthworks and storm-water and sewer installation, water supply, vehicle access, utilities and retaining wall construction will be professionally carried out.

Once construction is complete, our surveyors peg the new boundaries for approval by LINZ (Land Information New Zealand) and create survey plans of the property’s area and dimensions. A title is issued and then – congratulations! – you can now sell or build on your newly subdivided land. 

Need advice on subdivisions in Wellington, Upper Hutt, Lower Hutt or Porirua, Levin or Kapiti Coast? Get subdivision company Tararua Land Surveyors on board and we’ll ensure good design, proper pegging and a streamlined consenting and construction process.