Resource management planning is an important part of land development.

In fact, there’s little development you can do to your land without first gaining approval under the Resource Management Act. This is why Tararua Land Surveyors offers comprehensive resource management planning services across Wellington, Lower Hutt, Upper Hutt and Porirua, and Levin and the Kapiti Coast.


Resource Consents

Local Councils have District Plans which set land development rules and regulations. If you want to build, subdivide or adjust boundaries on your land, you will need a resource consent first.  Sometimes it is necessary for a Regional Councils involvement.  For those inexperienced with the consenting process, it is awfully complicated and easy to muck up.

Luckily Tararua Land Surveyors Can Help

Tararua Land Surveyors will first determine if any resource consents are needed for your proposed work. If so, we will guide you through the entire process from consent application and lodging to managing your project, making sure that everything adheres to the consent requirements. Our land development consultants’ vast knowledge, legal expertise and familiarity with the consenting process gives you the best chance of having your proposal granted.

Our Resource Management Planning Services Includes:

  • Assessing the environmental impact

  • Professional land-use and earthworks consents

  • Relationships with Local and Regional Councils

  • Appreciation for coastal considerations

  • Knowledge of your rights around rivers, streams and other bodies of water

  • Undertake sunlight and shading studies as part of the resource consent application

  • Submission of consent applications

  • Planning, design and project management of land development works

Tararua Land Surveyors’ goal is to get you the best results while adhering to land regulations in Wellington, Levin, Lower Hutt, Upper Hutt and Porirua, and the Kapiti Coast.  For thorough resource management planning, make an appointment with one of our professional land surveyors today.